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by Gunjan Datta



I was looking for a simple tool to export sharepoint lists to a sql database. The closest thing I found costed $800, so I created this command line tool to help me out. This is a beta release, so PLEASE report any bugs or additional features. I plan to update this based on the use & responses.

The latest release no longer is command line. I've created a GUI interface for users. Another enhancement to the tool is it no longer needs to be run on the server. I'm using the web services built in to SharePoint 2007.


This tool NO LONGER needs be run on the sharepoint server.

Database Tables

A table will be created for each list, using the title (replacing spaces w/ '_') as the database name. Two additional tables are created for the attachments:
    • Table containing the list database id and list name
    • Columns:
      • ID - Database ID
      • DB Name - Name of the database
    • Table containing the file attachments
    • Columns:
      • ID - In the format: [DB ID]_[Item ID]_[Auto Incrementing #]
      • FILE_NAME - Name of the file
      • FILE - Binary data of the file

Using the LIST_DB_ID table, you can map the files to the list items.

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